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Shrihari Switchgears & Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company in the field of Electrical Consultancy & Services for Electrical Substations & Switchyard up to 765 KV.

Shrihari is focused on serving quality to the customers across diverse market sectors: UPPTCL, UJVNL, PTCUL, PGCIL, RVVNL, HVPNL & Private Industries .

Shrihari head office is located in the NCR at Meerut (Nikunj, AP-13, Sec.02, Shatabdi Nagar, Meerut -250002), about 60 Kms from National Capital of India, New Delhi.

About our Company

Shrihari Switchgears & Services Pvt. Ltd (Formerly Shrihari Switchgears) started their business of CB spares and Services with M/s. GEC of India Limited, Naini, Allahabad/ Kanpur in 1982 as an authorized service agency.

In 1984, discontinued this association and became authorized sole service agency for UP of M/s. BIECCO LAWRIE Ltd, Calcutta and continued for 25 years in different manners and capacities.

In 2009-10, appointed by M/s. ABB India Limited for MV /HV CB spares business / miscellaneous activities as a channel partner for UP / UK.

In 2013, also appointed by M/s. Crompton Greaves Limited (now CG Power and Industrial Solutions Limited) for breaker spares business. In addition, M/s. Siemens India Limited & M/s. Stelmec Ltd. also appointed us as a channel partner for LV / MV/ HV CB spare business.

Finally, as of now, we are the authorized channel partners of  M/s. ABB India Limited, M/s. ABB Power Products & Systems India Limited, M/s. Siemens Limited, M/s. Stelmec Limited & M/s. CG Power and Industrial Solutions India Limited for UP, UK, Haryana & Rajasthan.

From the Desk of M.D.

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning."

Dear Readers,
It is my pleasure to communicate with you for the very first time, as you all know, SHRIHARI SWITCHGEARS & SERVICES PVT. LTD. (formerly SHRIHARI SWITCHGEARS) has been constantly innovating and upgrading itself since it’s establishment also moving ahead with the same zeal.

Since founded in 1982, Shrihari Group has achieved new levels of growth through implementing a wide range of projects and positioned itself as one of the leading MV, HV engineering Sales & Services, Consultants in North-India. Shrihari Group has taken another step towards it’s technological advancement, we feel delighted to inform you that our group is being an authorized Channel Partner with most renowned organizations named M/s. ABB India Ltd, M/s. Hitachi ABB Power Grid Ltd, M/s. Siemens Ltd, M/s. CGL ltd. & M/s. Stelmec Ltd. respectively doing proprietary based spares & services switchyard business up to 765KV.

With our experienced workforce, we always welcome the opportunities afforded to us to demonstrate our services. We will continue to strive and accomplish projects by overcoming challenging business environment like unavoidable risks, challenging schedules, unpredictability in market, etc.

Shrihari Group is honored to have all the OEM’s appreciating the commitment towards project execution and successful completion of complex projects. Hence success of our OEM’s becomes our confidence to take up new challenges. Our over-riding objective is to treat our valued customers as our partner so that their relationship with our business is mutually beneficial. That’s all from my side and we assure you that we will keep you well connected to success in the future as well.

Warm regards,
Mr. Trilok Sharma
(Managing Director)

Secure Spare & Services Supply

Access to affordable, reliable and modern sales & service

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Stable electrical switchgears business to stimulate government utilities & ensure private industries

Energy transition

Increased share of renewable energy in the energy mix

No more blackouts

Avoiding lack of electricity and low reserve margin

Add value

Improved energy efficiency