What We Offer

Shrihari Group’s commitment to providing – “A strong and resilient portfolio along significant parts of the electrical energy value chain, we are a partner of choice for our OEM’s and shaper of the energy transmission in Electrical utilities & Industries.”

Trading of Spares

MV and HV Switchyard spares are the basic building blocks for every electrical power network. Their uninterrupted operations are preferable for a reliable of supply. That’s why we offer a full range of services from consulting & reviews, repair service & spare parts to modernization & extensions.

Retrofits of Breaker/Relays/Panels

As desired, Retrofitting of breakers/relays/panels can also incorporate already existing spares in customer’s installed base to make best use of previous investments and also use for increasing the life of the existing equipments.

Spares for Panels

Provision of high-quality spare parts & maintenance kits, fast moving spares and operational solutions for recommended strategic spares in existing installed base.

Product Up-gradation

With this, our valued customer minimized total cost of spares and thus serving CAPEX, together with minimized outages time and associated outages costs.

Switchyard safety

On-site condition assessment of mechanical, electrical, environmental and safety conditions, monitoring of your critical high voltage switchgears in terms of gas density, partial discharge, & Gas leakage.

Hybrid/ Extension solution

Hybrid solution provides maximized responsiveness for repair and quickest restoration of operation and also optimizing performance/ fighting natural aging.

Grid/ Substation automation system

Fleet Monitoring- One monitor platform on the substation level as well as the enterprise level also flexible integration of different power lines & channel systems of all your assets.